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Update Autumn 2020

Our Performance Assessment is undergoing a change of website and administration but we are currently continuing to offer this service via the Free Resources section of our website here.

How it works

We are happy to assess any musical items you wish to receive assessment on.  Up to four items at the same grade level can be assessed for a single grade fee.  Many students will wish to put forward several pieces for assessment, but you can also request assessment on scale playing, sight reading and improvisation.

A bespoke service is also available for teachers who may wish to receive technical or professional advice on a variety of musical and pedagogical matters (please see email details below).

Once an assessment is booked, we will send you a link for you to upload a video of your performance.  THis will then be formally assessed and a full written report and certificate issued.

What do we assess?

Our priority is to give an objective appraisal and constructive feedback on what is submitted.  Unlike an exam, there is no pass or fail.  We will detail the musical and technical qualities of the playing in order to provide a full report, and for the student to receive suitable feedback which, it is hoped, will also give encouragement and motivation for continued and enhanced learning.

Who are the assessors?

Our assessors are professional musicians, all of whom have a wealth of performing, teaching and mentoring experience, both in the UK and internationally.  Many are also examiners for one of the two main International Music Exam Boards.

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Gd 1:           29.99

Gd 2:            34.99

Gd 3:            39.99

Gd 4:            44.99

Gd 5:             49.99

Gd 6:              54.99

Gd 7:              59.99

Gd 8:              64.99

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