Aural Test Training

Suitable for ABRSM & Trinity Exam Candidates

Monthly Recurring
Grade 1–5 £3.99 every month until you cancel
Grade 6–8 £5.99 every month until you cancel
Prepaid Access
Grade 1–5 6 months £19.95 12 months £39.90
Grade 6–8 6 months £29.95 12 months £59.90

What do I get?

  • Interactive learning & testing programme, with examples similar to those used in music exams.
  • Give your answer & get instant feedback, with personalised analytics.
  • Help files enable you to learn new aural skills & allow you to self-assess.
  • Attempt any grade covered by your subscription.

Is it suitable for children?

  • Aural Test Training is perfect for children to use independently & fun to do with your help.
  • The programme teaches as well as tests & it is easy to use for children & adults.
  • For most secure learning, your child should start with lower grades then work through to include the grade they are playing.

Which subscription should I buy?

  • Aural tests are the same for all instruments & singing, but be sure to select the correct set, as Trinity & ABRSM tests are different.
  • If you want to work through several grades eg Grades 1–3, you may prefer the prepaid option.
  • If you are not sure for how long you want to use Aural Test Training, monthly subscription may be best, as you can cancel any time you wish.

Can more than one person use my subscription?

  • Yes. For e.g. two children in one family – but only if you are on different grades, as the analytics are personalised for a single user per grade. If you are a teacher please contact us about a group use option.

Try our FREE sample aural tests before buying.


I would like to say that my daughter and I are enjoying the Grade 3 Aural Tests. The "Need More Help?" section is indeed very useful. What a clever id...

Rachel Yap

We are hoping to rejoin your site as we begin to study pieces for ABRSM grade 6. Your videos especially were invaluable in helping my 8 year old son g...

Sameena Ahmad

A big thank you for having such a support program for aural. I took my Grade 6 exam yesterday, and - though aural is still my weakest area - I have ha...

Sie Siok Hui

I just wanted to say thank you for helping so much with my aural exam. I took my grade seven cello exam earlier this month and scored 17/18 and this i...


We have thoroughly enjoyed and valued your site. I shall certainly be renewing in the near future when the next exams are looming. I have also recomme...

Anna Jones

I have just discovered your site and I think it is really excellent. I am a singing teacher in London area, although I do teach some piano, and I am p...

Hannah O'Hora

Thank you for proving a fantastic service. My daughter is 10 and she loves your website!

Dr Palavalli

My student has completed grade 8 and earned a distinction. This has been a wonderful wonderful tool for me. Thank you.

Barbara Malagraph

E-MusicMaestro is a great resource and the children enjoy using it.

Jane Koramoa

As a music teacher, I must say I think very highly of your aural practice materials. The 'extra help' resources seem ideal to me, extending to the lux...

Tony D Triggs

I have just taken my Gd IV cello exam and I wanted to say how invaluable I found your website. It was a huge help with the Aural tests and I found tha...

Trisha Ryan

I'M DEFINITELY INTERESTED as a teacher and student …Thank you for this.

John Kaminski

I checked few tests. They are really interesting. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. 
I will also try to use this link whenever I get a c...

Timothy Charles

They are really good aural examples - I will definitely pass that on to my students

Rachael Forsyth

This is so helpful...especially for the ABRSM exams.

Natalia Huang
Natalia Huang's Piano Studio

It's a fantastic resource and I would be more than happy to recommend it to pupils and colleagues.

Graham Standley
Lincolnshire Music Service

I liked it -- It was very nicely organized, easy to click on, and I found it was a fun look to the site with the animals and their cute ears. I tested...

Carol Worthey

Thank you for sharing the site. I've look through the aural practices that you have and find it useful for both self practice and learning from the ex...


This aural training system was a great help.

Olivia Wilding
Music student

You have an excellent service which we recommend to our friends.

Kind Regards from New Zealand

The E-MusicMaestro aural trainer has helped me to pass my Grade 6, Grade 7 AND Grade 8 ABRSM clarinet exams. My mum is actually using it now for her T...

Lindsay Katrina

The aural website has been a real benefit to my son, as the teacher has been noticing - My son uses E-MusicMaestro Trinity Aural Grade 6. He was str...

Stephen Chung

Just want to tell you I had great result this week. Entered (Trinity )10 pupils and 8 had distinction - they all did well in their aural tests, thank...

Mary Thomas

I used this aural training for my grade 8 trinity. I got 9/10, I could never have done that without this. I absolutely love it!

Cherie Evans
Subscriber and teacher

What a wonderful website this is. Excellent!

John Hughes

Thanks for your email, and yes, the subscription was truly helpful in that I passed my grade 8 singing exam with its help. Yours gratefully. Chr...

Christine Pearce

Students (and teachers) love the accessibility aspect of mobile devices to help with ear training, note reading, and scale practice. What a great reso...

Rebekah McCleary

The best thing about E-MusicMaestro is that it's great for students to have the possibility to practise aural exercises at home, rather than just once...

Joanne Snowden

E-MusicMaestro gives students accessibility to practicing ear training, etc. at home, which makes a lesson more effective!

Yvonne Chittle

The great thing about using E-MusicMaestro is that anything that develops aural skills develops the musician.

Kellie Skinner

E-MusicMaestro is a superb music education website, offering information, advice and top quality music resources that teach as well as test. E-MusicMa...

Tim Rogers
Head of Lancashire Music Service

Very impressed by E-MusicMaestro's online piano sight reading, especially being able to hear how the test should have sounded! It's the only sight rea...

Linda Reilly
Piano teacher

I have used e-musicmaestro in the past to help with teaching exam syllabus pieces and found it very informative. I now feel it is a useful resource to...

Alison Hart

I have used E-MusicMaestro aural test training myself for grade 7 and grade 8 - easy to access, fun and gave me confidence. Also easy to set up subscr...

Lynne Davis

E-MusicMaestro has been really inspiring for pupils. The backing music to the scales makes scale practice so much more fun and helps the student to pl...

Julie O'Dowd

I feel that E-MusicMaestro Piano Sight Reading may be a good resource for many of my students who struggle with the pressure of sight reading leading...

Stephen Raine

During your presentation on the 19th I was inspired by sound of backing tracks for learning scales. I think that playing it on the lessons will bring...

Simon Lubov

Hello e-musicmaestro. Well, sadly the time has come for me to cancel my subscription to Trinity College Aural Test Training for Grade 5, but only...

Penny Pringle
Adult exam candidate

Thank you for such a wonderful resource. My daughter & I benefitted greatly from your aural training packages to help us to prepare for our initial &...

Nicki Weir
Parent and subscriber

Please can I now cancel my membership of both Trinity and ABRSM grade 8 aural training with E-MusicMaestro as I've now successfully passed both exams...

Janet Kelly
Subscriber and teacher

Your site was a useful resource to prepare my daughter for her Trinity exam. Kind regards, Bill


Trinity College London recommends E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training to teachers, in the January 2017 newsletter.

Trinity music examinations board
Trinity College London

I’d like to thank you for your wonderful website. It really is a great help and I’m sure it is making a huge difference to my music practice. It helpe...

Kate Hunt

My daughter certainly used e-musicmaestro to her advantage as she achieved a Distinction in her Grade 6 exam. We will certainly return when Grade...

Susan Anderson

I have just taken my grade 8 piano exam this afternoon, so hopefully I have passed, I would Like to thank you for the service your website provides, a...

Paul Twamley

" E-MusicMaestro is now an essential part of my aural preparation for examinations. I encourage all students to enrol with the programme, it's an ide...

Karen Marshall
Music Educator and Advisor

I recently took my Grade 7 clarinet exam as a more mature student. I originally learnt to play at school, so getting my aural up to speed was a huge t...

Ruth Wise
Adult clarinet student

I just wanted to ket you know that I passed my grade 8 piano exam with distinction! Thanks to E-MusicMaestro I felt well prepared for the aural part....

Ulrike Fell
Adult exam candidate

This really helped for my piano exam. Hope I will pass! I always listen to this to make sure it sounds like this. Also the tips were amazing! Thank yo...

Chazzy Faena
Piano student

E-MusicMaestro is a fantastic teaching resource for both teachers and my pupils.

Kristin Lien
Piano teacher

My daughter has benefited from the practice on your website. It definitely helped her confidence and also her aural mark in her recent exam. I will be...


This was for my daughter and it was very useful prior to her Trinity piano exam towards the end of last year. Will definitely use again :)

Joanne Davies

The customer service and music education has been great!

Finn Smith

We have just entered over 40 pupils for the latest round of Associated Board of Music exams. For each candidate, be it for a Grade 1 or Grade 8 exam,...

Chris Allinson
Director of Music at Sedbergh School

Dear E music maestro, I'd like to thank you and testify of the Goodness of Jesus, and your products! I scored 7/8 in aural classical guitar LCM e...


Thank you. I found your aural training very useful.


Thank you e-musicmaestro , I only used it for a short time but it has helped me to pass my grade 8 aurals during my euphonium exam. It was the one thi...

Steve Adams
Adult exam candidate

Thanks very much we really enjoyed using your website and all the resources available.


Hi I only used your system for a short while but it did help me to pass my grade 8 euphonium (Trinity/Guildhall) so it did prove a good investment....

Steve Adams
Aural Test Training Subscriber

The samples and exercise on your website are very helpful and I would like to thank you for your effort and great work. I have also shared it with my...

Michelle Zhong
Aural Test Training Subscriber

I do enjoy the service. It was tremendously useful in studying for grade 1 violin and I am planning to use it for grade 2.

Aural Test Training Subscriber

The aural and sight reading tests we used for practising were fun and easy to use and very helpful. We will definitely look at using this again when i...

Alison G

For the moment I am cancelling my subscriptions but will very probably restart them later on in the year. The tests have been SO useful and I don't kn...

Adult Aural Test Training subscriber

I have today cancelled my subscription, which I took recently in order to prepare for the aural tests in the Trinity grade 8 singing exam. I took the...

Tim Frank Corner
Aural Test Training Subscriber

Hi yesterday I cancelled my subscription from you. Kara passed her Grade 5 saxophone exam with trinity securing a merit, only having played for 3 yea...

Angela Woods

[Re: Learn to Sight Read: Piano books] I have just tried the iPhone camera and it works a treat! Delighted to be able to use the technology so easil...

Elizabeth Woodhouse
Piano teacher

Hello, I am wanting to cancel my subscription please but wanted to tell you that I have just passed my G8 piano and without your website, I would most...

Grade 8 piano exam candidate

The aural test package has been really useful and helped me a lot in preparing for my exam. I am sure I will come back to purchase the next level pac...

Kwok Ling May
ABRSM exam candidate

Thanks to your site and the fantastic aural practice we could do on it, our son achieved a distinction at grade 8 piano with three months intense work...

Sameena Ahmad

My pupils are really enjoying your books - they love the titles of the pieces and are getting in much more sight reading practice than ever before! Th...

Sue Craxton
Piano teacher

I take violin grade 5 in March. These tests are a Godsend. Many thanks. Jean

Exam candidate

May I take the opportunity to say that I find the Emusic maestro service fantastic - it has and is a huge help with aural training. With kind regard...

Aural Test Training subscriber

Grade 8 passed. Your programme invaluable. Will use again pupils.  Jean Wilson

Jean Wilson

Thank you for the great and professional service from e-music maestro.

Music parent and aural test training subscriber

e-Music Maestro has been my go to resource for my child's aural test training. I will be definitely returning in the future.

Music parent

As an instrumental music teacher, this is the most useful programme I have in my teaching armoury. All my pupils use it. Best wishes Roxanne P...

Roxanne Benezra
Teacher at New Town Music

I must definitely mention that your email is very warm and understanding and really appreciate your forthcoming attitude to help a customer. Thank you...

Music Parent - Aural Test Training

We find your service very helpful, it is a very good resource.

Dr Francis Lee
Grandparent of several musical children

My daughter found the subscription very helpful in preparing for her guitar exam. I hope you still have lots of subscribers, something positive to do...

Music mum

I am really happy with your page and I constantly recommend it to my students.

Regina Lautwein

We have received the Learn to Sight Read books and my daughter is really enjoying them. I think the code is a fabulous idea!


Thank you for your awesome website!

Michelle B

Aural Test Training was extremely helpful - thank you. My daughter passed her grade 4 exam with a merit. Kindest regards, Elizabeth

Music mum

Thank you very much. Aural tests at e-musicmaestro were really helpful and helped me a lot in my preparation for Grade exams. Keep up the good work. G...

Adult exam candidate

I have used the E-MusicMaestro web site for my son on/off over the years. It is a very good and reliable site with great customer support. Best Wishe...

Music parent

Thank you for providing this site. It's seen my daughter through to Grade 8 piano with good aural scores, some of them full marks. She may well be bac...

Helen F
Music mum

Music Maestro was super helpful for me as I prepared for my grade 8 piano exam, which I passed last month at age 50. A life-long ambition achieved wi...

Adult learner

Thanks for the excellent service - we love using the website!

Robert W
Music dad

E-MusicMaestro has been really useful for my daughter who sat her Grade 5 Violin exam on Tuesday this week, highly recommended.

Music dad

Just a quick thank you for your aural test training. I am doing my Grade 7 next week and am finding your material really helpful. Best wishes, An...

Exam candidate

Your aural test service was recommended to us by my daughter's singing teacher, and was very useful when she was practicing for her singing exam.

J Matthew
Music parent

We do think your aural test training is the best we have found online! We have found the descriptions of the pieces for the final part of the grade 8...

Cathryn Dew
Music mum

I should like to cancel my subscription, since my daughter has now passed her Grade 8 and has no further need of the training programme. Thank you fo...

Peter D
Music dad

Very helpful in getting used to the grade 7 aural tests and we look forward to using it again in the future.

Music dad
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