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No matter how old you are, which instrument you are learning and what you play, many of the same, basic elements apply to your performance, such as controlling the sound, getting the notes and rhythms right and playing or singing with appropriate musical detail. If you are learning for fun (and we hope you are!) and if you are also taking an exam, learning and practising musical skills will enhance your performance.

Everyone on the E-MusicMaestro team is a successful professional musician. We are highly qualified, experienced performers, examiners and teachers who work with students of all ages and abilities so, if you are a teacher, let us guide you in developing your skills and knowledge. We are also parents, so we understand that you want your child to experience joy and success as a musician and we are here to help you. All our resources are tried, tested and pre-loved by real children.

Please explore and find out what we can do for you - information is FREE at E-MusicMaestro so we hope you'll read our blog articles for parents, students and teachers. We charge only for active learning resources.

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Sandy Holland  LRSM (piano)  BEd(hons)  MEd (Music & Cognitive Psychology)        

Music educator, performance examiner, writer, co-director of E-MusicMaestro

Teaching has always been at the heart of my varied career as a musician. A Nottingham University Masters graduate in music, education and cognitive psychology, I began my career teaching classroom music to children ranging from seven up to eighteen years and, at that time, I enjoyed conducting choirs, accompanying and staging musicals and concerts. My last, full-time post was director of music in a large comprehensive school. I had lots of fun as a classroom teacher, particularly with the younger children but, eventually, I decided to focus on what I loved best - piano teaching. As well as teaching privately, I have taught piano in state schools, public schools, a military sixth form college, a college of further education and two universities.

I began A Level performance examining for OCR in 1999 and, a few years later, became a lecturer in music education at Edge Hill University and at the University of Cumbria. I have been a grade and diploma examiner for Trinity College London and I now examine for ABRSM. Since 2010 I have been co-director of E-MusicMaestro. I write or edit much of the textual content, as well as contributing to the creation of the musical development resources and overseeing the promotion and communication aspects of the business. It's an exciting project - I have learned many new skills and I'm enjoying helping students, teachers and parents by passing on my knowledge and love of music, teaching and learning.

The most satisfying aspect of my career is probably my contribution to the lives of aspiring musicians through teaching, examining, published academic articles and online resources. I have enabled many of my pupils to fulfil their dreams of studying music at universities and major music colleges, eventually becoming professional musicians themselves. Sometimes they get in touch and say lovely things about the time when I was their teacher.

Publications in:

  • British Journal of Music Education
  • The Music Teacher
  • Primary Music Today
  • EPTA UK Journal

Peter Noke  GMusRNCM (Hons)  PPRNCM (distinction)                                                           

Music educator, performer, performance examiner, co-director of E-MusicMaestro

I have been immensely lucky!  It's who you meet on the path of learning, how they inspire you and how you overcome inevitable set-backs which ultimately give you the best chances for success.  My most inspiring teachers have been those who not only believed in me but whose vivid imaginations were so freely shared. 

I am a pianist and organist, with an interest also in jazz, and have recorded for Hyperion and BBC Radio 3.   Creativity is central to my life as a musician and as a ceramic artist. 

I have learnt most through teaching and mentoring others.  With a network of colleagues around the globe I have had over 30 years of examining, mentoring and presenting for ABRSM.  I know the immense importantance and impact which playing a musical instrument can have on our own outlook on life.

As learners, we need to feel inspired, cajoled and supported along the way.  That's why E-MusicMaestro sprang to life: to find ways to put the learning experience into meaningful practice, creating resources of the highest quality and not giving up on the challenges to make best use of technology and communication online.  I'm fortunate to be in the driving seat of E-MusicMaestro, fulfilling my creativity through video productions and sound recordings.  I teach piano and am chapel organist at Sedbergh School, I perform two piano concerts with a long-time friend and colleague, Julian Hellaby, and examine on all panels for ABRSM.

It's all a long way from the heady student days at the RNCM, and even longer from the first visit at five years old, with my father, to a lady who taught the piano!

Janet Noakes   GMusRNCM  LTCL  CTABRSM                                             

Music educator, piano skills contributor at E-MusicMaestro

Based in Edinburgh since 2001, and previously in London and Brussels, I currently teach piano, musicianship and theory to around 45 students of all ages, with special emphasis on maximising individual enjoyment and relevance. I am a Professional member of EPTA (UK) and have been a contributor to E-Music Maestro since 2010.

An early ambition to become a concert pianist led me to gain a performance diploma before I left school for the Royal Northern College of Music. There I found a long queue of other pianists ahead of me with the same idea, which was rather off-putting, so I studied a broader range of academic musical subjects including history and musicology. I also took a big interest in early music, playing the viola da gamba and harpsichord. After graduating with honours I took a ten-year break from the music profession by joining the UK Civil Service. This gave me many insights I still use in my teaching, especially how to choose one’s words, how to organise paperwork, and how to acquire and instil confidence. It also provided a salary, something I felt was a top priority at that stage in my life. Upon moving to Brussels I relaunched my musical career on the amateur scene and this quickly led to a growing teaching practice among the English speaking communities there. Now in Edinburgh, I have a hectic life of teaching and family management.

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