How do I unsubscribe / cancel payment?

You have to LOG IN to do that. Please CLICK on MY PURCHASES then CLICK on CANCEL. It is not possible to cancel via your bank or card provider.

Can I access E-MusicMaestro on my phone or tablet?

Yes - you can access E-MusicMaestro anywhere you have internet. E-MusicMaestro is compatible with virtually all iOS and Android phones and tablets, eg iPhone and Galaxy, as well as PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers.

How can I update my card details?

Go to https://futurepay.worldpay.com/fp/jsp/common/login_shopper.jsp and login using your Worldpay username (an eight-figure ID number) and password, sent to you when you first subscribed. If you cannot find them please contact us at E-MusicMaestro. Click on your Agreement ID Click on Change Payment Details.

Is E-MusicMaestro suitable for Trinity and ABRSM exam preparation?

E-MusicMaestro resources were approved by Trinity College London as far back as 2014 and Trinity recommends E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training to teachers, in the January 2017 newsletter. http://trinitycollegenews.co.uk/SCV-4P88G-224QUM9O1B/cr.aspx E-MusicMaestro sight reading pieces were specially composed to cover everything an exam candidate could possibly encounter at Grades 1, 2 or 3 across ABRSM, Trinity and AMEB piano exams. E-MusicMaestro scales backing tracks and instructional videos cover appropriate scales, broken chords and arpeggios for Trinity and ABRSM exams.

Are you connected with ABRSM or Trinity?

E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training is recommended by Trinity College London as part of exam preparation. E-MusicMaestro has no commercial connection with Trinity College London or with ABRSM. Any opinions expressed on the E-MusicMaestro website are given from an independent professional perspective and do not in any way represent the opinion of any examining board. Any reference to 'ABRSM' or 'Trinity' is solely for the purpose of identifying the relevant level of practical examination to which our material may relate. E-MusicMaestro is the author of all original materials on this website and makes links available to resources and information already within the public domain. The creative original contents of this website are copyrighted by E‑MusicMaestro.

How many Aural Test Training practice tests are there?

ABRSM: Examples are divided into A, B, C and D tests, as appropriate to the grade. Each grade contains 125 - 225 practice test elements. The number of examples is not standardised between grades, since the number of files included depends on what we feel is sufficient, appropriate and effective at each grade. TRINITY: Around 100 complete test units for Initial - Grade 2. Grades 3 - 5 contain, on average, around 50 complete test units per grade. Grades 6 - 8 contains 30 complete test units, with a total of around 200 individual practice test elements. Grades 7 & 8 each contain 25 complete test units, with a total of around 175 individual practice test elements per grade. When you subscribe to Grades 1 - 5 or to Grades 6 - 8, your subscription gives you access to all those grades contained in your package, so you can start a grade lower than the one you are studying at no extra cost, to build up your confidence.

Is E-MusicMaestro a secure site?

We do not accept card details on our website database; we use Worldpay secure payment gateway for this purpose. If you go to the payment page you will see that this is https://secure.worldpay.com/wcc/purchase, the 'https' indicating that this is a secure site. All passwords entered by customers are encrypted for extra security. We have a track record of zero breaches of security regarding customers' email addresses and postal addresses. We do occasionally need to access your postal address to be able to identify you in case of enquiries since we have thousands of subscribers and some have the same name. Your correct email address is essential both for identification purposes and so that we can send you confirmation of your purchases.We never share your contact details with any third party.

I forgot to cancel! Can I get a refund?

If you forgot to cancel we are sympathetic and may, as a gesture of goodwill, offer a refund for an unused month. First please cancel your subscription via our website (log in and click on My Purchases), then contact us. Please do not apply via your credit card or bank because they are NOT able to cancel your subscription for you.

Technical enquiry / can't hear the sound files?

E-MusicMaestro resources are available in all countries worldwide and are compatible with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones (such as iPhone and Android). If you have any difficulty viewing videos or hearing sound files please switch to using Chrome or Firefox - both browsers are free, safe and highly recommended for the best experience. If you still experience difficulties, please contact us - we will need to know the device, operating system and browser you are using in order to advise you.

I can't log in!

You may have entered an incorrect password or an incorrect email address (not the one you gave when you subscribed). The password you chose when you subscribed is the one to use, not the Worldpay password that was sent to you in case you need to change your card details. Login details are case sensitive so please take care with capital / lower case letters. If you tried to reset your password but didn't receive and email, please check your spam folder. If nothing works - please contact us!

Why didn't the password reset work?

If you clicked on the 'Forgotten Your Password?' link and did not receive a reset email, please check your Spam folder.

Do you use voice recognition?

We made a decision not to use voice recognition because we feel that it is an unmusical option, which itemises faults but fails to develop a musical response. Voice recognition points out minute errors in intonation and timing that could give the student a false impression that their answer was seriously inaccurate, whereas credit is given in a real exam for a partially accurate response. Even more importantly, in a real musical performance, timing should not be computer-like, but should show slight flexibility according to the musical phrasing.

Is there an E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training app?

Because Aural Test Training contains a huge number of high definition sound files and videos, there is too much valuable information to be presented, in full, in an app. Rather that produce a 'lite' version of our resource, we prefer users to gain the full value of the complete programme. An app is, in fact, unnecessary since Aural Test training is compatible with all reasonably up to date phones as well as with computers and tablets.

Can I subscribe for just a month?

Yes it is possible to subscribe for one month - just cancel your subscription the day after first subscribing. Cancelling ensures that no further payments will be made. Your subscription will expire as from the next due payment date, so you will be able to continue using your resource for a complete month until then. When you want to use E-MusicMaestro again, just log in and go to My Aural Test Training to subscribe to a new package.


For enquiries relating to ISSUES NOT COVERED in the FAQS, please use this contact form.

Can I do the tests more than once?

We advise subscribers to go through the examples more than once, even when they have got the answers right because, just like in a real exam, it is possible to guess some of the answers correctly. For this reason, our examples are presented in random order and, when all have been completed, they appear again in random order. The subscriber may do the tests as often as they wish, with no limit.

How can I change my email address or password?

Please log in as usual, go to 'My Account Settings', enter your new email address and/or password and click 'Update account'.

My payment was refused

For your security, when you try to make a payment, your bank checks you have entered details that match the registered cardholder. If you do not give your correct name, address and postcode your card may be declined. If a recurring payment was refused this is most likely because your card has expired.

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