A Christmas Story - Maestro the Music Dog and the Christmas Tree

Maestro the Dog and the Christmas Tree

Once upon a time there was a music dog called Maestro who lived on top of Hannah's piano. Only Hannah could see him. But Maestro the Dog had not always lived there! Here is how it all began ...

When you have watched and listened, ask for help with choosing fun music things to do!

Fun music things to do

Print out the Things to Do sheet first, watch the video again, then begin!


1/ Which tune goes with which character in the story?

Listen, then draw lines to connect each tune with the right character in the story. 

Before you start, cover the answers up at the bottom of the sheet or you will spoil the fun of trying to remember!

Tune 1


Tune 2


Tune 3


Tune 4


2/ Your own Christmas tune

Use the Things to Do printed sheet to find out how to make up your own Christmas tune.

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