Hong Kong Festival 2017 - Grade 5 Piano

Grade 5

Sonata in A - Handel

  • 1/  A metronome speed of around crotchet = 84 provides the optimum chances to play this piece with energy and lightness of touch without being too quick.  It should not plod along.

2/  The articulation should be a mixture of detached quavers and slurred semiquaver pairs.

3/  There are lots of opportunities for terrace dynamics (f/p contrasts - e.g. bars bars 1&2 with bars 3&4).

4/  The best way to include the trills is to use a five note pattern commencing on the upper note, as in these examples:  


Bagatelle in G minor - Beethoven


1/  A gentle one-in-a-bar is needed to make this musically effective.  Crotchet = 136 or thereabouts would work well.

2/  The music should be poised and phrased in a dance-like manner, the musical direction going forwards onto the first beat of the bar at the end of each short phrase.

3/  The middle Eb major section should be lyrical and nicely shaped making use of pedal to join the chords where necessary.

4/  The turn written on the 3rd beat is best interpreted as:


5/  Bars 52 - 65 should build up the musical excitement before eventually dying away in he final 4 bars to end on the unexpected major tonic chord.  The RH can be phrased in slurred quaver pairs or in 4 note quaver patterns which follow the ascending shape of each musical motif.

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