Hong Kong Festival 2017 - Grade 1 Piano

Grade 1

Bourree in E minor ~ Mozart


1/       A 2-in-a-bar tempo of about minim = 72 - 76 works well.

2/       Be certain to phrase the RH in a dance like way.

3/       Hold the LH minims and achieve a legato on the lower ascending notes (Bars 1/2 etc).

4/       Use dynamics appropriately.

Lament ~ Grechaninov


1/      A tempo of about crotchet = 96 works well.  Be careful not to play it too slowly or the mood will became too cautious.

2/      Always get the RH to 'sing' cantabile.

3/      Observe the LH staccato notes and let the tone be much quieter than the RH.

4/      Play expressively with rubato - it is a song...a lament.

5/      Observe the detailed slurring between hands in bars 9 - 12.

6/        Note the slight accelerando towards bar 12.

7/        Take plenty of time in the ritardando in bar 13 and in the final bars too.

Ragtime on Parade ~ Bober


1/   A metronome mark of between 72 - 80 to the minim is good for this piece, but don't play it too quickly!

2/  Play it with a quick 4 time feel, not in 2 time.

3/   Be very firm with the fingers and nicely rhythmic.

4/   Observe the quieter dynamics in bar 18 and the slower tempo.

5/   Hold the final LH note for 3 beats and don't slow down.

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