Wedgwood - Litter Bin Blues


Pam Wedgwood introduces her Litter Bin Blues. Our thanks to Pam for the collaboration and to Faber Publications.

Pupil Match & Suitability

Pam Wedgwood - Litter Bin Blues, published by Faber, is set for the Grade 4 Piano Class of the 63rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival 2011.

This is a light-hearted piece that would suit a student who enjoys the jazz idiom. It will probably be most successfully interpreted by students over the age of around 10 years who have listened to popular music and jazz.

Style & Tempo

Capturing the right style can best be learnt by listening and then emulating the rhythmic feel, as demonstrated here.

Phrasing & Articulation

Listen carefully to the laid back but rhythmically clear jazz phrasing.

Tone & Texture

Note the firm tone and solid feel to the groove.

Be definite and strong in the way you play the chords.


A demonstration of bar 18:

Practice Tips

Achieving quick, reliable hand shapes for the chord patterns is an important aspect to practise:

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