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News / 16/11/2020


Watch the video then answer the questions!  When you've written your answers down, click the link at the bottom of the page to find out if you were right.

Christmas Quiz

1/   What is a manger?

A:  a ginger bread man;  B:  a wooden trough for feeding animals;  C: a wise man

2/    What did the baby Jesus sleep on?

A:   hay;     B:   a mattress;    C:  a camp bed

3/    What is the bright light in the sky?

A:  the sun; B: a street light; C: a star

4/ Which animals were there?

A:  little cats;  B:   two cows and two sheep;   C:  two kangaroos

5/ The baby cried a lot. Is this:

A:  true? OR  B: false?

6/ In which picture can you see the wise men?




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