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I would like to say that my daughter and I are enjoying the Grade 3 Aural Tests. The "Need More Help?" section is indeed very useful. What a clever id...

Rachel Yap

We are hoping to rejoin your site as we begin to study pieces for ABRSM grade 6. Your videos especially were invaluable in helping my 8 year old son g...

Sameena Ahmad

Hi, this is to say a big thank you for having such a support program for aural. I took my Grade 6 exam yesterday, and though aural is still one of my...

Sie Siok Hui

I just wanted to say thank you for helping so much with my aural exam. I took my grade seven cello exam earlier this month and scored 17/18 and this i...


We have thoroughly enjoyed and valued your site and although we will end our subscription soon as the exams are in two weeks, I shall certainly be ren...

Anna Jones

I have just discovered your site and I think it is really excellent. I am a singing teacher in London area, although I do teach some piano, and I am p...

Hannah O'Hora

Thank you for proving a fantastic service. My daughter is 10 & she loves your website!

Dr Palavalli

My student has completed grade 8 and earned a distinction. This has been a wonderful wonderful tool for me. Thank you.

Barbara Malagraph

E-MusicMaestro is a great resource and the children enjoy using it. Kind regards.

Jane Koramoa

As a music teacher, I must say I think very highly of your aural practice materials. The 'extra help' resources seem ideal to me, extending to the lux...

Tony D Triggs

I am about to cancel my subscription as I have just taken my Gd IV cello exam, but before I do so I wanted to say how invaluable I found your website....

Trisha Ryan

I'M DEFINITELY INTERESTED as a teacher and student …Thank you for this.

John Kaminski

I checked few tests. They are really interesting. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. 
I will also try to use this link whenever I get a c...

Timothy Charles

They are really good aural examples - I will definitely pass that on to my students

Rachael Forsyth

This is so helpful...especially for the ABRSM exams.

Natalia Huang
Natalia Huang's Piano Studio

It's a fantastic resource and I would be more than happy to recommend it to pupils and colleagues.

Graham Standley
Lincolnshire Music Service

I liked it -- It was very nicely organized, easy to click on, and I found it was a fun look to the site with the animals and their cute ears. I tested...

Carol Worthey

Thank you for sharing the site. I've look through the aural practices that you have and find it useful for both self practice and learning from the ex...


This aural training system was a great help.

Olivia Wilding
Music student

You have an excellent service which we recommend to our friends.

Kind Regards from New Zealand

The E-MusicMaestro aural trainer has helped me to pass my Grade 6, Grade 7 AND Grade 8 ABRSM clarinet exams. My mum is actually using it now for her T...

Lindsay Reilly

The aural website has been a real benefit to my son, as the teacher has been noticing - My son uses E-MusicMaestro Trinity Aural Grade 6. He was str...

Stephen Chung

Just want to tell you I had great result this week. Entered (Trinity )10 pupils and 8 had distinction - they all did well in their aural tests, thank...

Mary Thomas

I used this aural training for my grade 8 trinity. I got 9/10, I could never have done that without this. I absolutely love it!

Cherie Evans
Former student and new teacher
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