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News / 19/03/2017
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Trinity Aural Test Training 2017

We at E-MusicMaestro have recently spent a long time updating our TrinityAural Test Training programme to accommodate the new 2017 specification. Peter has been very busy with recording and producing the new videos. We are pleased to say that Trinity now recommends Aural Test training to teachers so it has all been worthwhile!


It was good to meet so many teachers, including several E-MusicMaestro subscribers, at the 2017 Music and Drama Expo in London and E-MusicMaestro was a finalist in the Best Digital and Technological Resource Award. This was closely followed by an invitation to demonstrate E-MusicMaestro resources at the Nottinghamshire Music Hub conference, where Sandy also had a great time catching up with old friends and teaching colleagues.

Latest development - online assessment

E-MusicMaestro's latest development is a new service, video-based Performance Assessment. Performance Assessment is not an exam – it's friendly feedback that focuses positively on what a music student is achieving, and offers expert advice on how to improve. It can be a way of reinforcing teaching and learning, it can be used as a pre-exam assessment and it's also ideal for adult candidates who would much rather video their best playing than risk being too nervous to perform well on the day of an exam. E-MusicMaestro assessors are highly qualified musicians, with broad experience as examiners and adjudicators; all have enhanced, up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service clearance. 

Keeping up with the E-MusicMaestro blog

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Sandy Holland & Peter Noke


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