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News / 11/03/2017
E-MusicMaestro enquiry of the week ...

Can I do E-MusicMaestro tests more than once?

We advise subscribers to go through the Aural Test Training examples more than once, even when they have got the answers right because, just like in a real exam, it is possible to guess some of the answers correctly. For this reason, our examples are presented in random order and, when all have been completed, they appear again in random order. The subscriber may do the tests as often as they wish, with no limit.

Piano Sight Reading examples may be tried as many times as you like too. Each of the grades that we currently offer has 100 examples and, if you do them all, there will be no surprises in the exam because we've covered every possible note, rhythm and key that you could encounter, no matter which board you use. 

We made Learn Scales backing tracks fun to use over and over again because practising scales regularly and frequently is the best way to be sure of remembering them. Be sure to practise only correct notes and fingering, starting at a speed you can manage easily, before progressing to the quicker tempo tracks.

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