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News / 14/01/2020
How to choose the best Ukulele

Why play the ukulele?

Learning to play the ukulele is simple and children can begin playing as soon as they are big enough to hold one! Because progress is rapid, they'll soon be playing tunes and will quickly be able to accompany songs. The choice of available sizes makes ukuleles ideal for children, who find the bright tone of the instrument particularly appealing. Many adults, too, are attracted to the sound of the instrument and to the ease of learning. Teachers who already play an instrument will pick up the ukulele in no time at all and even teachers who have little musical experience can stay a few steps ahead of the children they teach and still provide a great music learning experience. Ukuleles are inexpensive to buy and need minimal maintenance. What's not to like?

Where to buy a ukulele

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Size Matters!

There are several ukulele sizes, including Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. Here's a guide to choosing the best one for your child or for yourself.


The smallest ukulele size is “Soprano” – most models are approximately 51 centimetres long, which makes for an ideal, child-size ukulele. Apart from being the smallest, the Soprano ukulele is also the lightest, making it ideal for the youngest children. 


Soprano and Concert ukuleles cost pretty much the same. However, Concert ukuleles are slightly larger than Sopranos, approximately 58 centimetres long.  The body of a Concert ukulele is bigger when compared with a Soprano, while the longer neck means more space between frets. Even though this type of ukulele is just a bit heavier than the Soprano, it’s rather easier to play and handle due to the larger frets. 

The strings are longer and tighter, which means that a Concert ukulele is louder than Soprano (the same goes for every next ukulele size type when compared with the previous ones). You could consider this ukulele type for children over the age of six years and for adults too. 


Tenor ukuleles are approximately 66 centimetres long, and they roughly resemble a classical guitar. Tenors have a 'ukulele' sound but brighter and louder. They are often used by professional ukulele players but, for an older child or teenager, they could be perfect. 


Baritone ukuleles are large (76 centimetres) with a lower, deeper sound. They are not ideal for children but they make a fantastic sound and will appeal to an adult player. You need to be aware, before buying a baritone ukulele, that its strings are tuned to D, G, B and E, unlike the other ukuleles which are tuned to G, C, E and A.


Here's the FULL RANGE OF UKULELES for you to choose from. 


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