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News / 30/09/2020
How to start online Aural Test Training – a guide for teachers, parents and students

Since music teachers moved to Zoom, Facetime and Skype teaching as a protection measure against COVID-19, we have been receiving many more enquiries about how to start pupils off with E-MusicMaestro online Aural Test Training. Teachers are finding that the inevitable online time delay means their pupils are clapping half a beat behind them, and singing a line of music while accompanied is impossible! Because E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training is designed to be used online, it's problem-free and subscribers can choose the ABRSM or the Trinity programme. 

How Aural Test Training Works

After subscribing, the user logs into the website and chooses which grade they want to practise. Access is streamed (not downloaded) via any internet-enabled device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer. No CDs are needed. The user listens to a recording, responds by clapping or singing, or chooses an answer from a menu. 

The system logs the answers and makes available statistics of how many tests the user got right. Because Aural Test Training subscriptions are designed to produce these individual statistics, logins cannot be shared unless the sharers work at a different time on a different grade, for example a family where there are two children doing different grades.

The Advantages of Using E-MusicMaestro Aural Test Training

Once teachers and pupils have started using Aural Test Training, they appreciate its many advantages.

  • Pupils learn aural skills at home as part of their practice routine.
  • Aural Test Training was designed by music examiners who are also teachers.
  • The programme teaches as well as tests, with 'Need More Help?' listening files.
  • There are more examples than in a published book. 
  • The teacher doesn't need to be a confident pianist to play the examples.
  • Extra lesson time is freed up.
  • Students do not feel embarrassed by singing in front of the teacher.

How to Subscribe

Please subscribe at

There are three ways for teachers to start their pupils off with Aural Test Training.

1/ Individual

The simplest way is for parents (or adult students) to take out an individual subscription to either the ABRSM or the Trinity programme. Teachers usually take out their own individual subscription too, so that they know how it works. The most popular subscription option is by monthly, recurring card payment that may be cancelled any time. Grades 1-5 (inclusive) costs £3.99 per month and Grades 6-8 (inclusive) costs £5.99 per month. There is also a 6 months for the price of 5, prepaid option.

2/ Teacher-packs

The teacher uses a series of prepaid, 6 months for the price of 5, or 12 months for the price of 10, packages. Instructions for teachers: Pay for a separate login for each pupil, entering each (adult) pupil's email address or the parent's email address (permission needed). The cost is recouped by invoicing the student/parent. Choose a different password to give to each user, which they must not change. The student/parent would receive a confirmation email of their membership and would not see any of your payment details. You can log in as each student if you want to, to keep track of their progress as long as they don't change their password. Because you control the logins and have the passwords, you can transfer any login to a different student if you need to, by logging into it and going to My Account Settings.

3/ Studio/School Academy

Our annual-subscription 'Academy' system is for teachers (and schools) with lots of students. The standard package offers up to 50 re-usable logins and gives the administrator the right to view each student's statistics of use and progress. Please contact us at to enquire about a free trial.

Detailed help with using aural test training

Aural Test Training is easy to use - children brought up in the computer age manage it just fine. However, if you are new to using online learning you may find the instructions below helpful for getting you started.  It's easiest to begin by using Aural Test Training on a desktop computer (as in the pictures here) before trying it on a mobile phone where it is optimised to accommodate the different size screen. For further help, you are very welcome to email us and I will be happy to talk you through any of the processes you are unsure about.

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