Asia Pacific Online Piano Competition 2020 ~ Grade 3 Class

1st Prize

Congratulations to  Lam Yan Laam Ella 林恩嵐 for her performance of Allegro, 1st movt from Sonatina in F:

The adjudicators commented on the poise and confidence in this performance with its thoughtful phrasing and musical character.


2nd Prize

Congratulations to Chow King Chun 周璟駿 for his performance of Little Air with Variations:

The adjudicators thought that the confidence and musicality were refreshing and praiseworthy features of this performance. 


3rd Prize

Congratulations to Amy Zhao 趙怡雯 for her performance of Allegro, 1st movt of Sonatina in F:

The adjudicators were impressed with the level of preparation and enjoyed some of the tonal detail and nuance in the playing, even if the coordination was sometimes a little inexact.



Congratulations to  Wong Ho Long, Jayden 黃皓塱 for his performance of Sonatina in C:

The adjudicators enjoyed the lively characterisation of this piece with its musical shaping, even if there were some misplaced notes and slips.

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