Asia Pacific Online Piano Competition 2020 ~ Grade 2 Class

1st Prize

Congratulations to Ho Tin Yan 何天恩 for her performance of The Bee:

The adjudicators liked the confidence shown in this performance and the range of dynamics within its musical flow.


2nd Prize

Congratulations to  Leung Tsz Yau 梁芷悠 for her performance of Cradle Song:

The adjudicators mentioned the effective shaping of the phrases and the mood which was caught in this pleasing performance. 


3rd Prize

Congratulations to Lam Kin Wang 林建宏 for his performance of Lesson in C:

The adjudicators commented on the style and confidence of the playing here, even if there was room for a little more tautness of rhythm and consistency towards detail.



Congratulations to Cho Chi Ching 曹智晴 for her performance of Melody:

The adjudicators mentioned the emerging feel for the phrasing and mostly good legato, even if little cautiously paced overall.

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