A 2020 Online Teaching Philosophy

Vision for Change

When change is thrust upon us it’s hardly surprising that the bulk of our reaction will be concerned with survival.

In stark contrast the greatest opportunity we now have as musicians is to embrace what is already at our fingertips through technology, not to be entirely dependent on unreliable connectivity, but to devise a more creative and efficient means of teaching one-to-one.

It demands of us that we redesign the way we teach to include greater emphasis on independent learning, and requires a different type of lesson preparation and follow up from both teacher and learner. Moreover it gives us the opportunity to manage the time in-between lessons to maximise benefit - something which tends not to occur during more normal times of practice.

Practice is the single most influential area on musical progress yet unlike practice for a match, or rehearsal for a show it is unassisted and largely unmonitored.  

Making the most of this change relies on two things which need to work alongside each other: (i) the vision and the will to quite radically change what has been to many of us a traditional approach, and (ii) the right platform through which this can be undertaken.

After research and various developmental attempts over the past two years I have now set up a project which is being offered to schools and individual music teachers across the UK for free. My aspiration is that as a teaching community with such a vast talent and skill base we are able, collectively, to spearhead an influential project of immense importance at this time. 

The platform used is samepage.io. It fulfils all the security features, multi-factor authentication and end to end encryption, required and provides an easy to use and engaging online space which, unlike other platforms, is ideal for instrumental teachers needs. Most file sharing systems, including Microsoft Teams, have been designed for business use and consequently do not offer a slick and inviting environment for one-to-one music instrumental teaching.

E-MusicMaestro’s own branded platform, which will be launched later in the year, will be modelled on the structure and performance capabilities of the current third party platform. It would be great to be able to celebrate our success collectively as a community whose prime interests are coming together and finding new and imaginative ways to continue teaching our students at this particular time.

Peter Noke

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