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News / 08/03/2016
My performing nightmare

Last night I was performing a programme of Bach and Beethoven before a large audience. I realised half way through the Bach that I had not been reading it from the score and I couldn't remember what came next.  Fluency being the main thing, I started to improvise. The problem was that my playing was beginning to sound like Mozart - I must stop this Alberti Bass business, I thought, and play more in the style of Bach. Eventually, I completed the piece to rather subdued applause.

As I began the Beethoven sonata, I determined to be meticulous in following the score. Unfortunately, my copy of the music was floating in a large tray of beetroot juice, making it very difficult to turn the pages. I persevered for some time, even though my copy turned out, instead of the Beethoven, to be the latest Guardian colour supplement.  

This is a true story. Fortunately, I woke up (with a headache) before completing the Beethoven.

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Sandy Holland

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