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News / 31/05/2020


The achievements of all who entered this class deserve immense praise and rightful recognition.  Not only has the standard been very high, every performance has demonstrated the deep level and high quality of musical commitment which marks out the best of such talented and aspiring young musicians.

I urge you to listen to all the recitals here and to celebrate these achievements, not in competitive analysis but in the spirit of sharing the unique quality that each competitor brings to their playing. 

Throughout the competition, and even where performances have not been 1st prize winning ones, there has been a strong feeling of pride and joy in being able to express oneself through the skill and discipline of playing the piano.   

Long may that last! 

Peter Noke & Emyr Roberts

1st Prize

Congratulations to Rose McLachlan on winning first prize.

The adjudicators were highly impressed by the calibre of musicianship, refinement and poise in the playing, and noted the ease with which such an  excellent technique underpinned the performance.  


2nd Prize

Congratulations to Harvey Lin on winning second prize.

For access to Harvey's recital, please copy and paste this link into your browser:

The adjudicators were impressed by the abundant energy and panâche of Harvey's playing in such a virtuosic programme - something for which Harvey was clearly in command throughout the recital.


3rd Prize

Congratulations to Seungyoun Han on winning third prize.

The adjudicators were particularly moved by the mature musicianship which Seungyoun brought to his playing of Chopin's fourth Ballade.

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