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News / 31/05/2020
If you have ever wondered why it is worth spending so much time practising, then listen to these performances and celebrate the wonderful difference that playing the piano can make to our lives!

1st Prize

Congratulations to Riccardo for his performance of Chopin's Nocturne in G minor.

The adjudicators praised the sense of style, musical refinement and poise in a performance which had a high calibre, overall, of detailed control and spontaneity.


2nd Prize

Congratulations to William Miles for his performance of Rachmaninov's Elegie.

The adjudicators commented upon the passion, musical intensity and absolute commitment of the playing. 


3rd Prize

Congratulations to Katherine Whitcher for her performance of Brahms' Intermezzo Op 118 No 2.

The adjudicators commented on the moving nature of the performance, its stylish rubato and depth of musical communication.
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