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News / 31/05/2020

1st Prize

Congratulations to Sanjana Satish for winning first prize for her performance of Sprites of the Twilight.

The adjudicators very much enjoyed this vivid and expressive performance with its merriment and confident sense of communication.


2nd Prize

Congratulations to Lucia Kyoko Rapisarda Okamoto for winning second prize with her performance of Blues in the Attic.

The adjudicators liked the very positive manner of the performance , the energy it had and the vivid dynamics despite a few rhythmic imperfections.


3rd Prize

Congratulations to Peter Gyu-Ha Choi for winning second prize with his performance of Lucky Duck.

The adjudicators particularly liked the feel for the jazzy idiom and confident manner of the performance, even if it did occasionally rush a little.
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