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News / 31/05/2020

1st Prize

Congratulations to Lydia Shetliffe for winning the first prize for her performance of Joan Last's Who said Mice?

The adjudicators commented upon the characterisation in the playing and the range of dynamics whilst noting a little unsteadiness in finger control on occasion.


2nd Prize

Congratulations to Amelie Bronwen Facey for winning second prize with her performance of Swinstead's The Lonely Road.

The adjudicators commented upon the expressive and often sensitive nature of the playing whilst noting some overholdng of notes and untidy coordination on occasion.


3rd Prize

Congratulations to Ram Narayanan Pisharody  for winning third prize for his performance of Hans Zimmer's He's a Pirate.

The adjudicators commented on the bright and buoyant atmosphere created and the overall lively phrasing, whilst noting some unevenness in rhythmic control at times.


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